Bye Bye Ultra?

Could it be? Will this finally be the year town officials say enough is enough? It seems that almost every year these are the questions everyone in Miami is asked.  Every year when all is said and done there are always a few people who think that Ultra Music Festival is getting out of hand and needs to leave Miami.  What those people fail to realize is that the festival brings in over 200 million to the the local economy.  Every year a few people get injured and someone gets on their high horse and says that the kids are out of control.  But with over 100,000 people in attendance and less than a 100 getting injured or arrested this just simply is not the case.  If you do the math over 99% of attendees leave the festival safe and with a smile on their face.  So just because a few individuals made some poor decisions this should not have to ruin it for the rest of us.  And if Miami did end up parting ways with Ultra Music Festival I am sure there would be a lot of very angry business owners who counted on some of that revenue. Check out the great debate here.

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