Electric Daisy Carnival, New York

Well, it is almost here.  Walking down 31st street a few mornings ago I came across a poster.  There it was in all its glory.  An advertisement glued on the side of a construction site seemed familiar.  As I got closer I could see it read "EDC New York" and a part of me was instantly excited.  I attended last year when it was held in queens and needless to say I was beyond disappointed.  Being a frequent festival go-er I had high hopes for EDC NYC as I have heard EDC Vegas is incredible.  But between the less than amazing line up and the lack of planning and preparation of stages, it really soured my experience.  However, a few months back I found out this year EDC NY will be returning to its original home at Metlife Stadium in NJ. I decided, maybe I should give it one more chance.  This year the festival returned to a weekend 2 day schedule and had a great price of only 230 dollars after tax and fee.  I purchased my ticket and anxiously waited to see if I had made a huge mistake or if EDC would redeem itself.  About a month later the lineup was released and I could not be happier with my decision.  With an allstar line up and the stages being the same as EDC Vegas, it is more than clear that Insomniac got the message from its fans about last years disappointment. A little more than 60 days left until the festival and I can honestly say this year is going to blow last year out of the water.  Insomniac has a reputation for putting an insane effort into its events and its reputation and it is very clear they stepped up in this situation.  Check out the lineup below and I hope to see you all there!